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Try one of our products and you will agree with us that Mother Nature Knows Best when it comes to human body. In most case you do not need foreign, artificially synthesized chemicals on or in your body. Our oil blends are natural and all 'topical'

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Muscular Aches & Pain

Smart Touch Natural Oils – Grandma’s Liniment Multipurpose Rubbing Oil

Smart Touch Natural Oil - Grandma's Liniment Multi-Purpose Rubbing Oil A Rubbing oil for muscular pain and aches A natural oil that is for: Anti-Inflammatory, Stiffness, Muscle Aches, Pre-Exercise Rub, Painful Joints, Sleepy Legs, Sports Massage, Strains, Sore Feet, Shoulder Pain. Ok so there are some oils that are specific. But this Natural Healing Oil is great for rubbing out any pains. Muscular Aches? Grandma's Liniment is right for you