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Try one of our products and you will agree with us that Mother Nature Knows Best when it comes to human body. In most case you do not need foreign, artificially synthesized chemicals on or in your body. Our oil blends are natural and all 'topical'

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Smart Touch Natural Oils – Aromatherapy for Hair

Smart Touch Natural Oils - Hair & Scalp Tonic - Aroma Therapy. This Smart Touch oil is packed with nothing but good stuff. Including Jojoba & Sweet Almond Moisturizes and softens hair, leaves a silky finish. Let the beauty of your hair shine through with Smart Touch Natural Oils INGREDIENTS: Jojoba Oil Sweet Almond Oil Clary Sage Tea Tree Lavender Basil essential oils Only meant for external Smart Touch Natural Oil blend combination for hair brings you a blend that is Aromatic and yet great for hairs of all types and styles. Keep your hair looking fantastic and healthy. From regular hair, to coarse hair to seemingly unmanageable dreadlocks.